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Custom-made and Ready-made Furniture

Walking into a furniture shop and seeing a beautiful piece of furniture, you might think “Who else has this?”. What if your neighbor bought the same piece? Or your coworker? Spending a fortune on indoor furniture that looks exactly like someone else’s can be unsettling. This is why you need to select whether custom-made or ready-made furniture is right for you, and we can help you with that.

What is Custom-made Furniture?

As the name suggests, ready-made furniture are products created according to a generic design––and are often produced in mass scale. Designed to fit most of customer requirements, they are readily available in the market in bulk or retail for very affordable prices.

Custom-made furniture are tailored to fulfill requirements of specific customers. While ready-made furniture provides multiple products that are identical, custom-made furniture allows you to play around with the design based on your needs and style.

Custom-made Seating for Nature-themed Home Library (Pinterest)

Both these types of furniture have their strengths and weaknesses. Selecting the best option for you is a matter of weighing the benefits you expect. The factors that are discussed below will guide you towards your decision.

Exclusivity & Emotional Attachment

This is what everyone looks for in their interior furnishing. Custom-made furniture gives out a unique touch and feel, reflecting the owner’s class and style. They add a personal touch to any space while generating an emotional bond between the owner and the surrounding. If the uniqueness is important to you, a custom-made solution will suit you better.

Functionality & Convenience

Maximizing Usage of the Ottoman Seater (Pinterest)

There are a wide range of mass-produced furniture in the market today. They come in various forms, colors and materials. These ready-made furniture may show a sense of lavish design and high craftsmanship, but they may not fit in the way you want.

Opting for custom-made furniture, you get to create a piece of furniture that not only fits into your interior layout but also your budget. Customized furniture offer a flexibility where your dreams, desires and family needs can all be considered.

Production Time

Ready-made furniture are available in bulk quantities in the market and custom-made furniture are produced upon request. For custom-made furniture, manufacturer needs to do everything from the scratch: planning the design, selecting the proper material and finishing the product. Hence, if your need is urgent, ready-made furniture may serve you better.

While there is a wide range of options available in the market for you readily, you may have to search for a long time to find the perfect cushion cover to match your new reading chair; or the perfect drop lights to complete the room’s mood. If you are looking for a complete picture in each room you create, customized furniture may be the faster option. In contrast, if there are designs available in the market that fits your plans, using ready-made items will be quicker.

Adaptability & Design Flexibility

Customized Drawers to Make Use of the Corner Area (Pinterest)

Ready-made furniture manufacturing follows a one-size-fits-all concept. Since they cater for general requirements in the market, they are quite limited in variety and adaptability. Custom-made furniture proves to be quite advantageous in this aspect. Since custom-made furniture provides opportunity to adapt to specific needs and requirements in terms of design, aesthetics, dimensions and size. Custom-made furniture also allows you to recreate a famous or eye-catching designs exactly to fit the space available.


The aspect of cost in purchasing furniture is twofold. Since ready-made furniture are mass-produced, they generally cost less. But this does not mean going for custom designs is always more expensive. The major advantage in this aspect is that you get to choose a design within your budget. Therefore, it is not necessarily expensive.


We buy furniture with a long-term goal. We don’t buy it hoping to replace it the next week because we expect the furniture to endure the test of time. Since it is not a trivial investment, it is crucial to ensure that we do not make any compromises on its quality. Like all other products, furniture too will be subjected to wear and tear after a period of time. But we should make sure that within its guaranteed lifetime, it maintains its initial quality.

While ready-made furniture have guarantee periods, they may be lower in quality just as they are generally lower in price. When choosing custom-made furniture, the main advantage is that you get to choose the material and the quality of the product. Hence, you have a bigger confidence of the product and its services.


The choice of the furniture largely depends on your need and the final expectation. You can consider weighing above factors as you see fit, based on your expected outcome. The main advantage offered by custom-made furniture is that, you become the captain of your ship and the options are endless once you are in the decision maker. You get to choose the furniture details to fit your budget, time schedule, space and requirement.

While most of the factors like adaptability, exclusivity, quality and customization appear to weigh against ready-made furniture, there are disadvantages you may face if you don’t get the correct consultancy. While you can decide on the quality and finish you want in custom designs, it is risky if you do not get a highly qualified designer to do the job. That is because you don’t see the exact product until it is completed. Therefore it is important that you do a research on the designer and their portfolio of previous work before deciding to go with custom furniture. Good luck!

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