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3D visualization is the generation of images or videos which helps the viewers to understand and experience the feeling and appearances of spaces and places. This method is used in many different fields such as architecture, construction, science and even in film industries.

3D visualization is the generation of images or videos which helps the viewers to understand and experience the feeling and appearances of spaces and places. This method is used in many different fields such as architecture, construction, science and even in film industries. What we are focusing in our article today is about how this 3D visualization is important to architects and interior designers and property developers. This method mainly helps the property developers to promote and market their properties to the customers before the project execution. And as for architects and designers, this provides a way to experience their design in the final stages including basic details such as lightning, interior and exterior designs and even textures which would help in supporting the client to understand the conditions better before actually implementing the project.

3D Visualization | apartment complex | in Sri Lanka |
3D rendered apartment complex(3D visualization by TDK Illusions) | Source: https://tdkillusions.lk/

From the simple graphic designing software from back then to the advanced software development in the current days, technology paved a very significant development for the 3D visualization companies. There are four basic categories of 3D visualization used by them. They can be used to showcase external and internal finishes of projects.

  1. 3D still images
  2. 3D panorama
  3. Walkthrough videos
  4. Virtual reality

We will go through each of them to understand how they help in showcasing and communicating a realistic image to the viewers.

3D still images

This is similar to a normal photo taken by a camera. This is the simplest type of 3D visualization. The rendering time depends upon the amount of details and the quality of the image. This helps to capture any feature in a design from any angle the client or the customer prefers.

Sometimes the still image can be superimposed with a photo of the existing surrounding as well. This helps to showcase the layouts more conveniently.

3D Visualization | residential interior design | in Sri Lanka |
Residential interior design(3D visualization by TDK Illusions) | Source: https://tdkillusions.lk/

This category is mostly used by the clients and investors with average budgets since still 3D images are affordable and comes with multiple design effect features. This can be finished between 2-4 days depending on the work and the details. This is not quite real as a real photo. But it will get the job done.

3D panorama

This method includes capturing a 360-degree view from a single point to the viewer. This is like an overall display of a single space.  This is extremely functional when it comes to interior designing and architecture. One can observe the flow and interaction between the textures, colors and features within a space and see if it is suitable or not according to their preference and needs.

NITF OFFICE COLOMBO (3D panorama by TDK Illusions) | Get the real experience

This is somewhat time consuming process but preferred by the designers because it delivers a strong understanding to the customers about how it feels to be standing in such a space and experience it before the actual implementation of the project.

Walkthrough videos

This is the type which is similar to a 3D animation. This method is used to create a video clip of the experience of someone who walks through a given space or an area. The clip might range from 30 second to 15 minutes depending on the size of the area covered. This method is a very significant method for architects and designers because it helps to examine the real feeling of living within the house. And it can integrate other effects such as sounds and lights and even the sounds of the environment such as rain and induce real feeling to the customer. This is a very good marketing strategy for the property developers.

This is somewhat time-consuming as it requires the addition of a large amount of details and effects into the design and also it should be in better quality to attract the viewers as well.

Virtual reality (VR)

This method is something we are familiar in the fields of gaming and movies. These are used mostly in creating simulations. They can actually generate a true experience in the given event because it allows the user to move and interact rather than watching a clip or an image.  This methods is currently becoming popular in architectural and interior designing 3D visualizations as well. This allows the viewer to engage in the environment by switching on and turning off lights and fans, opening doors and windows and moving into the lawn areas if there are any and etc.

3D Visualization | VR experience | in Sri Lanka |
VR experience | Source: https://www.autodesk.com/

This method uses VR headsets to interact with the space and provide a sense of being at that place. This is the most time consuming among the methods. And its costs are a bit high when compared to others. This is a very good strategy to sell the projects in no time. The only additional feature is the VR equipment’s set which includes items such as VR headset, Oculus touch controller etc.

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Why is it important?

The older basic methods such as presenting a 2D plan to the client and explaining how it goes and client wondering why the costs are so high for the project usually ends up with a lot of change requests from the clients end when executing the project in real life or it doesn’t end anywhere at all. This is when the importance of 3D visualization for architects comes in. These projects can be sold out in seconds when the client sees how their projects look like after the completion beforehand. Which is why 3D visualization becomes a great and powerful tool in design and marketing.

3D Visualization | residence | in Sri Lanka |
PARK RESIDENCE NUGEGODA(3D visualization by TDK Illusions) | Source: https://tdkillusions.lk/

Another plus point is the fact that they are easy to handle and distribute unlike hard copies of plans and sections. Even if client is not in a face to face discussion with the company, their feedback can be provided easily.

3D visualization is a cost effective and time saving for both parties. The level of understanding the concept behind a design helps to reduce the level of changes a client or a customer expects in the project. This method allows them to try on different colors, designs according to their preference and to be satisfied with it. The most important fact is that since the changes are made in the 3D image itself, the after-construction changes become very low which gives a better control of the project. This also provides different options to work with between the involved parties. The property developers are able to deliver a realistic image on their future projects either residential or hotel wise, which attracts more customers to them.

There are 3D visualization companies which provide accurate and precise 3D renderings. They use advanced software with appropriate equipment along with qualified workforce which creates high-quality final finishes to the 3D design. Their costs vary depending on the amount of work and details that are requested by their clients. Social media, websites are used to publish and market the outputs in order to market them. When the final finish is obtained in a 3D visualization, the designer can work it out with customers and input their feedback into the final product before the construction phase starts. Since there are many companies who offers 3D visualization services in the country, By outsourcing such reputed dedicated company, you can obtain the best quality outcome and carry out marketing your design to the customers. 

This medium of communication is accurate and simple when it comes to conveying the exact message to reach the targeted crowds easily.  Providing a realistic illusion to the viewers through 3D visualization is one of the strongest assets in marketing and attracting many clients and customers towards your business weather it is architectural, designing or property development. So might as well get the best use out of it while going forward with the technology.

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