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Architect/L.Architect Shereen Amendra

A proud product of Colombo St. Bridget’s Convent. She is a mentor of many leading architects and landscape architects now practising in Sri Lanka. Held the highest position of SLILA as the president for the year 2013 to 2015. Was the former president of SLAAS(Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science) Section C – Engineering, Architecture and surveying for the year 2012. Now she is practising as a Senior Consultant at the University of Moratuwa with 30 years of experience as a lecturer.


Landscape Elements are components of the landscape. Yet another category of landscape elements are water features of which fountains are a specific type. Much like the ocean waves breaking on a rocky shore throwing droplets of water upwards due to the force of impact, fountains too occur where the pressure of water is released either naturally or manipulatively.