Le Cube by Chartered Architect Asiri Dissanayake

  • Project year: 2019
  • Gross Built-up Area: 3232 sqft
  • Project Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Le cube is a personalized residence designed in the dense suburbs of Colombo. The land extent is a mere 10 perches.

Along the periphery of the plot are two roads and two tall buildings, leaving little room for natural light and ventilation to penetrate the building skin. Apart from these challenges, the client’s brief required a high degree of privacy. The main entrance gives a glimpse into the house, while preventing a direct gaze from the abutting road. 

Upon entering the house through the portico, you are welcomed into an interconnecting space consisting of the living, dining and kitchen. A pass-through counter serves as a beverage center and provides a visual connection from the kitchen to the living and dining room.

The master suite consists of two identical sized bay-windows, one with fixed glass and the other with a casement window. The one with fixed glass opens out to the outside. The one with the casement window hides away through the louver detail. Making it possible to open and get natural ventilation while maintaining privacy.  

The louvered skin is designed as a permeable boundary providing a high degree of privacy while allowing in natural light and ventilation. Carefully placed slits brings in natural light while providing much needed privacy. The municipal reservation at the rear, along with a strip in front and side, is used to create a greenery around the living spaces. 

Timber plank floor finish gives a contrast from the white painted walls. On the contrary, furniture in the living room are white-washed to contrast from the cement-grey color ceramic floor tiles. The exterior color palette mainly consists of shades of yellow, combined with the warm-white LED lights. 

The skylight allows for stack effect to take out the hot air. Introduction of bush plants close to the windows provides a well needed relief to the eye. The plant wall, meanwhile, helps to purify the air. Through these features, Le cube tries to find a balance between the traditional Sri Lankan and contemporary architecture styles.

Photographer’s name- Amila Rathnayake

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  1. Looking for a Sri Lankan architect who can give life to an idea I have of designing and building an old Sri Lankan house that will have natural light and natural ventilation and also meld with then environment and locality – a healthy, invigorating liveable place to spend remaining years of my life.

    • Maybe you can find an architect after referring to our project contents. A link to contact each architect has been mentioned at the bottom of each project article.

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