The Viewing Platform by “The Cube Projects”

  • Project Location – Lady McCallum Drive, Kandy.
  • Project Year – 2018
  • Structural Engineer – Dr.Udaya Dissanayake


“The viewing platform” is located in Lady McCallum drive, Kandy, facing the river Mahaweli. Initially, it was an isolated and neglected space which was filled with garbage and the canal next to the site created many environmental issues. However, the temple which is located on the opposite side of the road kept the area calm and quiet. The most interesting part of the site is the long river view and the richness of the biodiversity.


The design concept started with identifying many environmental layers as it is located in a highly sensitive environmental zone. Identification of these environmental layers at various levels helped to develop the idea of a viewing platform. Therefore the whole house and the immediate environment are designed as a viewing platform which creates unique, tangible and borrowed landscape experiences at each level.

Specifically, this location is a wetland bird watching paradise. The long river view creates different dimensions of borrowed landscapes during the day and night. The colourful skies and foggy river effects create a dynamic atmosphere throughout the day. The simple facade acts as a screen to the viewing platform which separates internal and external mindsets. It enables spaces to blend with the river atmosphere.

The cantilevered gathering space (living, dining and pantry area) creates uninterrupted long river views which are some of the most loved spaces in this house.

Photographer’s name  – Ganidu Balasuriya

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